Simulate effectively

Avoid expensive prototypes and high investment costs in
simulation tools. Let e4e analyse your models and prove concepts for you.

Digital Prototyping for Manufacturing

Let us prove concepts, designs and analyse models for you without making a large investment.

  • Accept Models created in a number of different CAD environments
  • Apply a broad spectrum of materials, load and boundary conditions
  • Generate the optimum finite element structure
  • Perform static and dynamic simulations
  • Include linear and non-linear effects
  • Multi-body dynamics
  • Results interpretation by web conferencing or lpocally in your offices
  • Comprehensive reporting

The tools we use

Key component in Digital Prototyping is the computer generated function and performance analysis of parts, assemblies and systems. We apply finite element analysis (FEA) for this purpose, working closely with your engineering development department in all phases of the design and development process to provide the base on which sound engineering and business decisions can be made. We help create an optimal product even before the first prototype is built. more about our tools

Fields of Expertise

Plant Engineering

e4e Simulation Anlagenbau

Ensure 100% plant availability. By determining flow, thermal and structural characteristics, e4e provides you with life cycle, process and structural integrity data to minimise breakdowns during operation.

We make Finite Elements work for you!

Component Engineering

e4e Simulation Apparatebau

Ensure 100% component functionality. Based on the results of the flow and thermal analysis e4e gives you speed, temperature, pressure and force data so that thresholds can be reliably determined while deadzones, cavitation and material failure are avoided.

We make Finite Elements work for you!

Electronics Engineering

e4e Simulation Elektronik

Ensure efficient cooling. Using flow and thermal distribution e4e determines temperatures under operating conditions. Use this information to design devices of the highest quality and reliability.

We make Finite Elements work for you!

Automotive Engineering

e4e Simulation Fahrzeugbau

Determine the correct motion and force characteristics. e4e simulates the performance of modules under load with which you can ensure correct functionality even in an early design phase.

We make Finite Elements work for you!

Machine Building

e4e Simulation Maschinenbau

Ensure sufficient strength and part life. Using the data of the materials used and the loads applied, e4e determines the stresses and deformations. You avoid mechanical failure even under extreme conitions.

We make Finite Elements work for you!

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