Qualify Products and Processes

e4e opens it and looks inside!

Research for Innovation

Companies most often derive innovations from proven technologies. To bring these innovations into the market requires a sound innovation process within the company, which e4e enriches and supports with up-to-date, qualified information. We help reduce risk and improve efficiency in the innovation process.

Phases in the Development Process


e4e Technologie & Märkte Exploration

Engineers at e4e research and evaluate the technical maturity and market penetration of materials, components and processes.

Your advantage: We provide a sound base on which to to evaluate technological and commercial risks when applying these in your product and process innovations.


e4e Technologie & Märkte Produktionsvorbereitung

Engineers at e4e check and evaluate reference applications and determine the practical limits within which innovative materials, products and processes can be used.

Your advantage: You can attain confidence in the applicability prior to the investment committment.


e4e Technologie & Märkte Realisierung

Engineers at e4e monitor innovations in publications and the market, identify imitations and log optimization potential.

Your advantage: We give you qualified feedback throughout the innovation process to improve your products and the market position of your company.

Our Team

e4e engineers for engineers is a team of qualified, experienced and highly motivated engineers which gleans, qualifies and presents the information you need about applications, specifications, materials and standards from the global offering of products and processes. more about us